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Are you a young student looking for a nice shared apartment? Have you just found your dream job in Reggio but you don’t know how to find accommodation? Maybe looking forward to starting a new business but you haven’t found a commercial property yet?

Well, Renal is the answer!

No mediation fees, great customer care, efficient maintenance service

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Born of the determination and intuition of its founder, over time Renal has aimed to consolidate as a well organized real estate company that is able to compete over an increasingly wide range of proposals. Curiosity and a strong perception of change have been the guidelines of this process.


As owner of many residential and commercial properties in the Reggio Emilia urban area, the society carries out a constant evaluation of its managerial choices concerning rents and sales. Thanks to this continuous review new branches of the company have spread out during the years.


The traditional long term rents have been gradually flanked by more dynamic and flexible contracts that meet the needs of the many students and workers that move into the Reggio Emilia area.

Room contracts for short and medium stays, apartment contracts for medium and long stays and Air B&B’s rent for very short stays have allowed Renal to step into new segments of the real estate market without losing its original core business.

Renal also offers direct assistance to its clients through a free extraordinary maintenance service that takes care of repairs without asking for any external support and with no involvement of the tenants.


Along with rentals, Renal has expanded its sales activity thanks to a variety of proposals that includes apartments; as is, restored or finely finished and furnitured. Renal’s goal is to put everybody in the conditions of finding exactly what they are looking for with no need of specific knoledge or skills to approach the purchase.


Renal is also very pleased to be strongly connected to the life of Reggio Emilia thanks to customised accommodation partnerships with sports teams, businesses, local and international college associations and employment agencies. The interaction with such professional and fascinating partners represents a daily chance to experiment, innovate and feel proud to promote and help the growth of Reggio’s excellence.

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