FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Renal both rents rooms in shared apartments, apartments and business premises and sells its properties with no mediation fees.

Renal works in the Reggio Emilia urban area.

Renal asks the tenant to provide a work contract or an apprenticeship / internship agreement with a minimum length that covers the rental period. As for freelance workers Renal reserves the right to ask for specific requirements depending on the situation. Students will be asked to show a student card proving an ongoing career.

Renting a room in a shared apartment means that the apartment also has other rooms that are rented out to different tenants. The rental contract grants the use of one room and the common parts (kitchen, bathroom, living room if available, etc.). A single room is for just one person, a double room has two beds and is rented out to two people who share it.

There is not a minimum length, Renal reserves the right to give priority to different durations depending on its business policy, type of apartment and time of the year. Renal offers the widest range of accommodation choices: Air B&Bs for very short term stays (from 2 nights up to one month), rooms and aparments for short, medium and long term stays with a preference for room contracts for short periods.

Renal asks for a deposit that is calculated upon the duration of the contract and the tenant’s personal guarantees. The deposit is fully given back through bank transfer at the end of the stay after checking the conditions of the room / apartment. Any damage will be charged to the tenant.

Along with the first month of rent due, also the payment of the contract registration and final cleaning fee.


The tenant has the right to withdraw from the contract, after an initial period of three months. You must notify Renal three full months in advance. Renal does not accept cancellations concerning the month of August only (the tenant may choose to leave at the end of June or at the end of August but not at the end of July). The cancellation cost is 100 euros. Renal reserves the right to allow the tenant to leave the apartment without a three month notice and without having to pay the following three months of rent if a new tenant is willing to step in.

Yes, it is. Renal can provide the documentation through email; all payments can be done through bank transfer.

Yes, the deposit is refunded through bank transfer after checking there is no damage to the apartment. Still, the cancellation has a cost of 100 euros.

Utilities can be included or excluded (under the name of the tenant) depending on what Renal chooses for each apartment. Renal reserves the right to propose other specific utilities plans when needed. Renal gives assistance for utilities contract activation and cancellation but does not intervene in the division of costs among tenants when utilities are excluded.

Service charge is always included in the monthly rent unless otherwise specified.

Renal allows tenants to host only when utilities are excluded. All other tenants must be informed and must give their permission.

All apartments are furnished. Renal provides personal items such as pillows, sheets, blankets, towel, etc. just for Air B&Bs stays.

Renal offers its own shared or private parkings when available. Otherwise, the tenant can apply at the Ufficio Permessi for a parking permit that grants free parking in the area nearby the building. The cost of the permit depends on the duration requested.

Renal directly manages extraordinary maintenance through its own trades. Tenants take care of ordinary maintenance. Renal’s workers intervene quickly after being notified of the issue without asking for external assistance and without the necessary presence or involvement of the tenant.